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2021 Westbund art installation - Vision

In 2021, West Bund Art & Design Festival opens its doors to more than 120 international exhibitors to showcase exceptional modern and contemporary art in Shanghai.

LINDBERG is an official partner of the art fair and is showcasing the piece “Vision”.

Concept definition 


Design proposal

“Vision” is an artistic portrayal of the thought processes which visualizes the initial connection we experience when inspired by something. This is an intuitive feeling that occurs

when opening our senses and connect with the surroundings

a reflection of how LINDBERG eyewears came to be in the first place.


Photo of the scene

overview-3 拷贝.png

The piece exhibits beautifully coloured fragments that are spatial depictions of the latest rimless lens designs. Depending on the perspective, the shapes of the lenses will be more or less obvious to the viewer.


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