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6000+ years old bog oak limited edition

Aged by nature - Designed by LINDBERG

wood cut.png
wood cut.png
wood cut.png

Found on the southern island group of Denmark, the bog oak log has been on a long journey to become a LINDBERG design. In 1950 it was recovered by a farmer tending to his land, after which the wood was put through the necessary drying process until the year 1973.

The wood finally found its way to the technical department for processing.

Dig deep into the materials, push them to the limit through design ingenuity and technical development. As part of our everlasting quest for innovation, it brings you an eyewear design - thousands of years in the making. 

oak fullview2.png

The preserving properties of the bog has aged the fine wood in a unique way,

giving it the dark colour that takes millennia to develop. The bog oak designs features our award-winning mix of fine wood with buffalo horn and titanium giving the series the perfect blend of expression, exclusivity and comfort.

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